Mission Statement

The world is forever changing and we believe that unless we look after the planet we will soon find ourselves in perpetual crisis going from one natural disaster to another. Our air quality, our food supply and the seas all collapsing.

But what can we do? What can one person do to help change such a massive problem?

We think that the only way is through taking responsibility for ourselves until it becomes impossible for the powers that be to ignore….and that begins with what we consume.

Shopping ethically and organically, with the planet and our local environment in mind, are the building blocks to massive change. It may seem as if we can do little but together each of our decisions, from our weekly shopping to how we deal with our waste will create a snowball effect.

Its never been easy to do that so we thought that Redcar and Cleveland needed a place at which we can all start to build those foundations. Around the country and globe people are doing the same and we can be part of the people who can tell our children and their children that we tried, we changed our ways and with all the other people who care around the globe managed to save the things we love.

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