The Next Step…

Following on from our last entry, we have been very busy behind the scenes in preparation for our shop! Yes our very own shop (screams while waving hands in the air). When we talk about the future and where we want our brand to be, it literally feels like a dream and it’s still hard to believe now that all these steps we are taking are actually leading us towards that vision, slowly but surely.

So we’ve been focusing on getting ourselves known and spreading Organically U out there as much as we can in the meantime, and we are now the proud owners of an Instagram account which is gaining us more loyal followers by the day. Check us out! Scrolling through posts of like minded people and businesses is absolutely fascinating but motivating at the same time….and who knows, one day we might have 100,000+ followers! Not forgetting our Facebook friends, we love you too and thank you for every share, like, love and comment….. They really do help and we can’t pretend that we don’t get all giddy every time we gain a new member!

These next few weeks are crucial and we have everything crossed that we get the results we need. I’m not sure I can hold my breath much longer! Once again we will keep everyone updated on our progress and share any news we have. Until next time!

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