Let’s talk immunity……

Never before have we questioned our own health and that of our loved ones as much as we are now – after all, we know that the healthier we are the better chance we have when it comes to fighting off viruses and the likes, and the quicker the recovery period.

So what IS immunity and immune health? We all have an immune system, and it’s function is to protect us and fight off unwelcome intruders (think of it as an internal army, ready for battle!). Certain factors can weaken the immune system and compromise it’s function, including age, medication, diseases/conditions, poor diet, alcohol, cigarettes….you can guess the rest. When the immune system is weak due to whatever reason, it leaves us in quite a vulnerable position and at a higher risk of falling ill, therefore suffering more severe symptoms and taking longer to recover (the troops are low in numbers and are tired – they need backup!).

We all know we should be eating as healthily as possible, a varied, colourful diet to achieve optimum intake of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need but I know its not always that easy – I try eat organic where possible but I’m also guilty of having a pizza, chocolate, cake and copious amounts of wine now and again especially when I’m tired and stressed out…..And boy does it taste good!!

Obviously we should always aim to get as much goodness as we can through our diet; however there are other ways to boost our levels of what we need most – SUPPLEMENTS, SUPPLEMENTS, SUPPLEMENTS. Let’s talk about which are the best to take to optimise and boost not only your immune health, but that of the whole family. The market is flooded with supplements for this and that, ranging from pretty pricey to cheerfully cheap, in fact I could say you are spoilt for choice! A word of caution though – check the label. The majority if what’s on there will be fillers, binders and bulking agents amongst other completely unnecessary, unpleasant ingredients that you will be ingesting and offering to your family. The thought of giving my child something that contains a chemical used to paint the white lines on tennis courts is not even an option! But how do you know what to take…..?

I’m going to make it easy for you and compile a list of which supplements and products you should be taking, safe in the knowledge that it’s good, clean stuff.

▪️Together Immune – boasting an immune boosting complex which includes Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium and the hardiest strain of live bacteria to give your gut health a helping hand! Did you know that a bacteria can aid immunity, by building ‘colonies’ of good, beneficial bacteria?

▪️Together Vitamin C – widely known as the ‘healing’ vitamin, not only is it effective when combined with Collagen to aid skin healing and tissue repair; it also works alongside the body’s defence system to fight off colds and other viruses.

▪️Together Vitamin D – Beneficial for so many things, not only does it aid eye, skin and bone health, it also helps with immunity and boosting the body’s natural defences.

▪️Viridian Elderberry Extract with Vitamin C – I get excited about this one! An absolute powerhouse of a product, it is a rich, potent formula designed to provide immune support for the entire family and has recently been awarded best new product (it’s not hard to see why!). We LOVE it. Also available as a throat spray.

▪️Viridian Echinacea Organic Tincture – Echinacea has been around for some time and is traditionally used to ward off colds and viruses by increasing white blood cells, which are handy when fighting infections. There is some confusion in regards to dosage, however we always suggest taking it just before the cold and flu season to prepare yourself and build up immunity.

▪️Newgen Superfoods Plus – Another product we rave about (because it’s amazing and the feedback we get from customers is incredible!). Absolutely jam packed full of 100% organic goodness, it provides 34 raw wholefood fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and fibre, as well as probiotics to boost gut health and promote a healthy digestive system which in turn can help with immunity. Fantastic for tiredness and fatigue, it certainly helps to give you that ‘get up and go’ feeling as well as topping up your nutrition levels.

▪️Aduna Baobab Powder – an incredibly rich source of Vitamin C and Fibre, this one helps with digestion and not only gives you an energy boost but an immune boost too.

A really good quality multivitamin is also an option where you feel your diet is in need of a little top up and you want to avoid deficiencies. Together Vitamins have male and female specific, as well as a general multivitamin and a pregnancy suitable one.

If in doubt just ask – we want to help you make the right choices for you and your family when it comes to staying healthy.

Stay safe and look after yourselves!

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